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Our Work

In this page you can find information regarding our participation in projects, research and vollunteering opportunities. Each project is supported by the organization and project link. Do not hesitate to check it out and click on each projects logo



Blue Halkidiki 2022

After succesfully completing Blue Halkidiki 2021 The Greek Ecoproject organization will be active once more in June 2022 raising awareness and informing people about the importance of protecting the environment and keeping our oceans clean. All together we can achieve great things.


Is it Alien to you? Share it.

The program "Is it alien to  you! share it with us !!!" is a Citizen Science program that aims to study marine species in Greece, but also in neighboring countries, the Eastern Mediterranean and mainly in Cyprus. The program is based on observations / recordings sent and posted by citizens who love and / or often interact with the sea. The project team then identifies the species, records them in the project database and utilizes the information collected for the purpose of scientific research aimed at better managing and protecting the marine environment and the species that live in it.

Our Participation in this project is voluntary and under the supervision of the iSea organization board.



Blue Halkidiki 2021

Blue Halkidiki organized by the Greek EcoProject organization took place for the first time in 2021 aiming to raise awareness about the environment while cleaning several places around Halkidiki. At the end of the project  one ton of trash had been removed from the sea and coastal areas. For more info click on the beautiful Blue Halkidiki logo.


Reefcheck/ Frontier Fiji

During my time in Benqa Island, Fiji I had the chance to work for Frontier Fiji Marine in collaboration with reefcheck worldwide. The main objective of the project was to monitor and observe the local coral reef areas. After succesfully completing several underwater and shark surveys reports were created and send back to reefcheck org. Find out more Reefcheck projects by pressing the logo.

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